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For more than 15 years, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Baltimore has been designing, installing and servicing Baltimore’s finest garden lighting. We serve the entire Baltimore, Maryland market and create a custom lighting design for each of our customers. A custom design all begins with our customers’ goals in mind, first and foremost. Are they looking to add beautiful accent light to a particular section of their garden? Are they looking to add illumination to allow for walking through the garden during the evening hours? It truly begins with the homeowners’ goals and objectives with their outdoor lighting…

After carefully taking the homeowner’s goals into account, we begin the design process. We approach each installation knowing that it will be unlike any other installation we have performed. Knowing this takes years of experience and years of training. Although many different fixtures and techniques can light a particular area, a good lighting designer will match the fixture, the area being illuminated, and your goals to create the perfect custom design.

Anytime of the year is a great time to consider garden lighting, but especially during the blooming season. Through the implementation of appropriately placed lighting fixtures, your garden will look beautiful in the evening. In certain cases, lighting can be used to accent specific plants or designated areas within a garden creating a beautiful focal point. Garden lighting in Baltimore MD is one of our many specialties. Don’t allow your garden to disappear once the sun goes down, let us illuminate your beautiful garden long into the evening.

Our fixtures are installed by well-trained professionals. When we install the fixtures, we use a long threaded stake to give your fixture stability. In addition, we make certain to place the fixtures in areas where they will be very subtle. The fixtures are not painted so no paint will chip off. They are made of solid metal instead of hollow aluminum or another lower quality aluminum or vinyl. They stand the test of time physically and aesthetically and actually gain a gorgeous patina the more they age.

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